May 27

Shafty @

​Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA

May 28

Floydian Slips @

The Cuthbert, Eugene, OR

June 2

The Motet @

Red Rocks, Morrison, CO

June 24

The Motet @

Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI

June 30

The Motet @

Electric Forest, Rothbury, MI

July 2

The Motet @

Live on Lincoln, Chicago, IL

May 20

​​ Shoot to Thrill  @

Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR

May 20

Barn Burn VII @

Bear Creek Saloon, Scio,OR

May 25

McTuff @

Nectar Lounge, Seattle, WA

May 26

Floydian Slips @

Revolution Hall, Porland, OR

May 27

Floydian Slips @

The Cuthbert, Eugene, OR

Lights Up Loud proudly offers stunning lighting packages at affordable rates for a wide array of events including:  concerts, corporate events, feature films, music videos, fashion shows, fundraisers, weddings, and private parties. 

We also offer our expertise in New Installations, Retrogrades, Console Programming, and Routine Lighting Maintenance for venues and theaters.

Our Services

Lights Up Loud specializes in understanding musical performance from both the stage and the audience.  We  have a unique lighting philosophy, we approach lighting as an instrument and rely on our decades of performing music to replicate the musical moods. Our passion  for lighting is reflected in our  professionalism and excelling  at creating memorable visual art.   

Our Skills

April 28

The Motet @

Howlin' Wolf, NOLA

April 29

The Motet @

Tipitinas, NOLA

April 30

F*ck 2016 @

Howlin' Wolf, NOLA

May 5 & 6

Beltane Festival @

Neal Creek Resort, Scio, OR

May 11

Funk 'n Roses @

Goodfoot Lounge, Portland, OR

May 19

Radical Revolution @

Anderson School, Bothell, WA

Upcoming Events

Our Vision

Lights Up Loud

Color Fully Harmonized 

​ Lights Up Loud is a state of the art lighting company that specializes in LED concert and event lighting.  For the past 8 years our focus has always been to provide innovative high quality concert and event lighting at affordable rates.  

Servicing over 200 events each year, we always strive to not only meet but exceed our client's expectations, no matter how large or small the event.