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 We connect, replicate and anticipate musical moments using advanced programming techniques and insight gained as a multi-instrumentalist, 10 years as a lighting designer, and touring for 4 years at iconic venues and festivals. I specialize in understanding music performance and improvisation from a performer's point of view with the ability to anticipate mood changes, tension/releases, spot solos, nail endings and immediately build emotional bonds with the music and recreate it visually.  

December 12-16​

Leftover Salmon

Strings & Sol, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

December 20

World's Finest

Aladdin Theater, Portland, OR

December 21

My Happy Pill

Gemini Room, Lake Oswego, OR

December 27-28

Leftover Salmon

Crested Butte Center for Performing Arts

December 31

Leftover Salmon

Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO

December 31

Shafty-Portland's Tribute to Phish

​Double Mountain, Hood River, OR

Lights Up Loud

Color Fully Harmonized 

March 13

Leftover Salmon

The Commonwealth, Salt Lake City, UT

March 20-22

Leftover Salmon

Boogie at the Broadmoor, Colorado Springs, CO

April 4

Barn Burn

Bear Creek Saloon, Scio, OR

​ For the past 10 years our focus has always been to provide innovative high quality concert and event lighting that not only meets but exceeds expectations.  Our passion  for lighting is reflected in our  professionalism and excelling  at creating memorable visual art in 43 states and in 3 countries.

Servicing over 200 events each year, we always strive to not only meet but exceed our client's expectations, no matter how large or small the event. 

Lights Up Loud proudly offers stunning lighting packages for a wide array of events including: concerts, corporate events, feature films, music videos, fashion shows, fundraisers, weddings, private parties, or your unique event.

Some of our favorite places  to light up include:

  • Red Rocks-Leftover Salmon, Phil Lesh & Terrapin Family Band, The Motet, Dark Star Orchestra
  • Capitol Theater,  SF Filmore, Aragon Ballroom

January 18


Private Party, Portland, OR

January 30

Asher Fulero Band

Goodfoot Lounge, Portland, OR

February 8

Cascade Crescendo

Polaris Hall, Portland, OR

March 6

Leftover Salmon

Crystal Bay Casino, Crystal Bay, NV

March 7

Leftover Salmon

The Warfield, San Fransisco, CA

March 12

Leftover Salmon
Durango, CO